Welcome to my studio and shop

In the shop I sell:   Products made from the skins I tan. The books I have written about traditional tanning. Knitted hats, scarves and mittens. Crafts in wood, ceramics, wool, bronze, silver.
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I tan my hides with bark that I collect in the spring when the sap is rising or with unsaturated oils.

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If you are interested in crafts and think it might be fun to learn more about tanning with old techniques, you are welcome to attend one of my courses or lectures.
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Tanning books

Traditional tanning, Leather and Furskin. ISBN 978-91-637-1847-2

Fish Leather Tanning and Sewing ISBN 978-91-519-7816-1
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Exhibitions and commissions from various museums.
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Lottas Garfveri AB, Långgatan 9
19330 Sigtuna