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-"Arctic leather tanning-a cultural heritage"
-"Plant Dyed Fish Leather".

Lectures Topics:

-The history of tanning.
-How the Inuit´s prepare reindeer and seal skin (the techniques are the same as used 12000 years ago by the first reindeer hunters in  Sweden).
-Tanning methods of Native Indians in Canada (they use predominantly a brain-and smoke tanning method that probably is the oldest method known).
-Tanning methods of the Sami’s in northern Scandinavia (bark tanning, was the most important method in Sweden until  chromium tanning was introduced in the end of the nineteenth century).

My lectures include slide shows and video films from my study trips in Canada, Alaska, Greenland, Sweden and Japan.
Examples of tanned skins, tools and other products used in traditional tanning are also exhibited.
Groups with  maximum of 15 persons can be accommodated for demonstrations and lectures in the tannery.
I also travel internationally to give lectures.

Upcoming courses and lectures.

May 20-24 Fish leather tanning in Sigtuna.

Leather tanning using traditional methods, natural materials and simple tools. You will have the opportunity to try different tanning methods such as oil tanning and bark tanning. The skins come from different types of fish, such as pike and salmon. From these skins we sew an object such as a bracelet, or a small bag.

More information in pdf.

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